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Phonon Alpha Test

The Alpha Testnet of the Phonon Network has been launched to test the Phonon technology stack to get user feedback and identify any bugs in the software or hardware. These are the 3 components of the tech which are being tested (all are open-source on GitHub).

What is a "Phonon"?

Regarding this Alpha Testnet, Phonons are universal containers to wrap any crypto asset that can be then sent over the Phonon Network: the hardware-secured protocol. Learn more about Native Phonons and Backed Phonons here. Exchange any cryptocurrency for free, securely and privately – this is the Phonon way.


To join the Testnet, you need:

1. Phonon Developer Kit – Alpha Release (Testnet Kit)*
2. Internet connection.
3. A computer to run a simple app.

* Previously purchased Phonon cards are not equipped with the Native Phonon (nPhonon) mining applet. The latest Phonon cards include the applet. If you already have a card reader (p60), you’ll only need new cards. If you have neither, a Testnet kit is needed. International shipping is available, where applicable.

Testing Metrics Used

By default, debug logs will be turned on to allow the collection of data to better understand the performance of The Network as well as identify any bugs or issues in The Network.


As an incentive and to help cover any outlay costs, there is a rewards program of up to 50,000 PHONON for each Alpha Testnet user.

Below are the Alpha Testnet rewards and steps to earn them. There’s no requirement to complete them all, though to receive the maximum reward, we invite every tester to pursue completing them all. Some rewards will require testers to get involved in the Testnet community at large. The hub of the Testnet community will be on the Phonon DAO’s Discord, and specifically, in the #testnet channel. Please join our server and visit the #testnet channel. There will be ongoing Testnet discussions, updates, and opportunities to connect with other Testnet users to earn rewards.


Get Set Up – 2,500 PHONON
Purchase a Testnet kit or cards from at the link above. Install the Phonon Client and/or App on your computer. Once you receive your Test Kit or Cards, retrieve the card ID (prior to doing any transactions) and register that ID with an Ethereum address where earned Testnet rewards may be sent to.


Create 10 Asset-backed Phonons – 5,000 PHONON
They need to be made up of two different currencies (e.g. Bitcoin and Ether) and at least three different values on Ethereum Rinkeby and Binance Testnet. This step will require both Rinkeby and BNB Testnet funds. Please begin by acquiring some for yourself.


Connect & Send – 5,000 PHONON
Identify an independent counterparty via the Phonon Discord #testnet channel. Send and receive at least 1 asset-backed Phonon between the two of you.


Mine a Native Phonon (nPhonon) – 5,000 PHONON
These mined nPhonons will need to have at least a value of 20- and 24-bits.


Send a nPhonon – 5,000 PHONON
Find a counterpart via Discord and send a Native Phonon to them.


Participate in Throughput Test – 10,000 PHONON
Send at least 20 Phonons to 5 different participants during the throughput test time-window. The time-window for this is soon to be announced. It will be made in #testnet Discord channel soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


Trade a Real-backed Phonon – 10,000 PHONON
Find a counterparty via Discord and trade a real backed Phonon (~$20) for the counterparty providing a physical good or service, documenting the transaction, share on Twitter and tag @PhononDAO in the Tweet.
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