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The Phonon DAO

The Phonon DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) was initiated by GridPlus’s unprecedented burn of ~$400 million USD in token value, and is now the governing body of the Phonon Protocol. It is entrusted to grow the Protocol and Network into the world’s premier peer-to-peer payment platform.

Our Story

Phonon is a spinout of GridPlus, the team responsible for the Lattice1, the most secure cold-storage product on the market. After GridPlus developed the basic framework of the protocol it, spun out the Phonon DAO to manage the protocol and to help build additional services and applications on top of the framework. Additionally, the DAO is here to facilitate other people developing applications and making improvements on the network.

The DAO, has been entrusted to also oversee processes when certifying hardware (e.g., smartcards and eSIMs) and hardware manufacturers for compatibility. It also manages the DAO’s treasury and allocation of funds to build, market and improve the protocol, as well as the DAO itself.

The Mission

To share the Phonon Network with developers and users in creating an absolutely secure, digital-cash protocol, which is infinitely scalable for all digital assets. By demonstrating that 99% of all blockchain can be connected off-line, without fees and congestion, Phonon will unleash the potential of digital assets.

The Vision

Establish an open, but personally private, P2P financial network that brings the currency-freedom, which Satoshi originally intended, to all hardware devices. The Phonon Vision is to provide the ‘transportation’ of any crypto or digital asset that you already own – freely and uncensored – as digital cash.

Join Us

The Phonon DAO is a worldwide organization. Its members have been in the crypto space for years. We have seen how DAOs have faced challenges in the past. It’s our initiative to learn and improve from those before us and strive to build a community around the Phonon Protocol that is supportive and the GOAT. Our central hub is on Discord and welcomes new members of all skills and experiences. To become an official DAO member, you must have an address with >0 PHONON tokens in it.
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